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I was taught how to do the basic single crochet by my Tia when I was very young. We would sit on the couch at her house crocheting together until my parents would come and pick me up. There was something wonderful about it, and for years I only knew how to do that one kind of crochet stitch. Then, the week before Mother's Day in 2020, I found the Chubby Llama. My mother is obsessed with llamas. What better gift than this! I accomplished it, I was so proud of myself. Now, I am ridiculously addicted. And I cannot get enough patters. I feel like I am working just to affod patterns lol.

If anyone is interested, whoever is looking at this website, follow my art isntagram where I will be posting my little amigurumi projects that are so beautifully designed by Valerie. @creative.bk


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