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Welcome Crocheters!

Here we love soft and snuggly crochet toys, that are fun to make, and are a perfect gift for anyone on your list!

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I'm a compulsive creator who has too many WIP's at once, is always down for pizza,  and LOVES the process of designing amigurumi!

I started designing in late 2017, began a YouTube vlog in 2018 and have been a crocheting fiend ever since! 

If you love large and cuddly amigurumi, that work up quickly and make gifts that are perfect for snuggling, then you've come to the right place!  I'm so happy to have you here!

​❤ Valerie

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Make your own Baby Sheep by following along with the tutorial on the "Free Pattern/ CAL" page!
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I would like to start off by saying Valerie is an amazing and talented person, she has out of the box thinking in creating her patterns and the stitches she uses are simply perfect.  I have created 9 of her patterns so far.  They are wonderfully written and she is available for questions and feedback.  My absolute favorite pattern is the Unicorn Hobby horse.  My granddaughter just loves it.  She has more patterns that I will be making, it’s just so hard to pick which one will be next, they are all so beautiful.



I love Old Soul Crochet.  Valerie is, by far, my favorite designer.  Her patterns are written well and very easy to follow with pictures that you can refer to if needed (there’s also YouTube tutorials).  She’s always willing to help if you have a question and the animals are always, always the cutest.  You can’t go wrong here, it’s win win.



Hi! My name is Joyce and I am originally from Switzerland. I have been a huge fan of Valerie and Old Soul Crochet since I stumbled onto her YouTube page more than a year ago. I have made over a dozen patterns that she has designed and she has also been the catalyst for me to venture out on my own with a few creations. Her patterns are so easy to follow and bring such joy to any recipient of an Old Soul Crochet design. I am so grateful for Valerie leaving her comfort zone and sharing her creativity and talent with the world! 

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Valerie is such a talented crochet designer!  Her patterns are so unique and adorable and they are extremely easy to read and follow.  

I have made several of Valerie’s designs and I enjoyed making each one.

My favorite is the baby sheep.  I entered my baby sheep into our local fair and won a first place blue ribbon. 

I highly recommend Valerie’s patterns 



Old Soul Crochet patterns are always so unique and are written so creatively. When I came across Valerie’s Instagram page (@oldsoulcrochetco) I saw that she worked with fleece and I had never seen that before in amigurumi; she also uses a bulky weight blanket yarn vs the traditional dk weight yarn. And while her pattern are unique  each pattern is easily identifiable as a Valerie pattern. She an artist and she cares about every detail.
  Her patterns are written clearly, are easy to follow, and are chalk full of  useful photos that walk you through every step of the way so everything you make turns out cute and cuddly!!

Made a pattern? Tag us @oldsoulcrochetco and #oldsoulcrochetcopattern
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