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Are you (or someone you love) OBESSED with Llamas?! Then this is the pattern for you!

Lindsay Llama is 22" of cuddly loop stitches and soft snuggles. She's perfect for farmhouse decor or a child's favorite toy!


This intermediate pattern comes with photo tutorials for each difficult section, to give you the best guidance as you make Lindsay Llama! 




•    150 yards color “A” [light color] super bulky gauge 6 yarn 
•    300 yards color “B” [body color] super bulky gauge 6 yarn
•    3 yards black, medium weight yarn (eyes & nose)
•    1 yard white, medium weight yarn (highlights)


•    8 mm
•    3.5 mm (making the eyes)
•    5.5 mm (attaching)


•    Yarn needle
•    Scissors
•    2 pairs brown or black nylons (for stuffing the fiberfill into)
•    Fabric pins (for assembling)
•    (2) 16 oz bags of fiber fill 
•    Yarn scraps (or fabric scraps) for stuffing the legs
•    (3) Stitch markers

Lindsay Llama

  • Difficulty: Intermediate

    Size: 22" Tall (feet to ears),  16" long (nose to tail)

    Skills: Crocheting in a spiral, crocheting in concentric circles, single crochet, increasing, decreasing, loop stitch, half double crochet.

    Gauge: 4" x4" swatch = 9 stitches x 9 rows

  • The PDF is an instant download! Make sure to get it downloaded and saved in a safe place. If it ever needs replaced, email me with the reciept and I will get it back to you! 

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