Darcy Deer | Christmas-in-July 

Who's ready for Christmas in July 2020?

(Me, finally, because I got the CAL videos ready!)

The first video will be here on July 1st!

In the mean time, check out the materials list to get stocked up on your yarn and supplies before the CAL starts!

Merry Christmas! 

(In July :D )

me and chubby panda.jpg

Chubby Panda Crochet-Along

He's cute, he's cuddly, and he can be made as a variety of different bears! Be it a panda, a polar bear, a brown bear, or a black bear, your imagination is the limit!

Enjoy the CAL, and sign up for the email list to get the free PDF!

Highland Cow Christmas Ornament

farmhouse ornaments039_39.jpg


The bonus pattern to the "Farm House Ornament Collection" is a free CAL on Youtube! Find the materials list here!

Baby Sheep Christmas-in-July CAL!

baby sheep0111192.jpg

Gearing up for the Crochet-Along?!?!

Get prepared by assembling your materials right now! Click below for a download


To check out the "No Fleece" version, click below!

Chubby Bunny Free PDF & CAL


Are you looking for a fast, free pattern with an adorable finish?!

The first amigurumi I ever made was from a free pattern. I didn't know what I was doing, and I wanted to try amigurumi without spending money. 

I made one, and was HOOKED!

So I'm here to pay it forward with the chubby bunny pattern! 

It's beginner friendly, and comes with tutorial videos as well! Add the fact that it's made with super bulky yarn, and you have an adorable, and quick amigurumi!

Click here for PDF 

Unicorn "Hobby Horse" CAL

Click Here for Materials PDF

Looking for a magical steed?!

The first "hobby horse" pattern (in what I hope will someday be a whole herd of riding animals) this Unicorn is extra magical, and comes with a free tutorial!

To make your own, you can follow the tutorial below, or you can purchase the pattern here!

To follow along with the tutorial, you'll need to print off the materials sheet below! I hope you enjoy the Unicorn Hobby Horse!

Amigurumi Unicorn hobby horse11061853.jp

Snowy Owl CAL

Headed to Hogwarts?!

Me too! I've been sorted into Hufflepuff (don't hate.)


I'm bringing my snowy owl, and my trunk of school supplies! 

Okay, back to the muggle realm....

This CAL was my very first! It was originally made for IGTV, and then put on YouTube (hence the vertical formatting.) 

After this CAL I changed the way I crochet (yarning over instead of under) which is why the first video updates the hook size. 

If you want to buy the pattern, and follow along with the CAL, you can find it here!

amigurumi snowy owl01.jpg