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The "No-Fleece" Baby Sheep

Updated: Jul 3, 2019

Hi Crocheters! Most of you know that I LOVE working with fleece in my projects! That hasn't changed, but over the last few weeks I've been hearing why fleece is a struggle for some.

Some people can't find fleece near them, others only have poor quality fleece available, and for some, it's just too hard on their hands.

So I've made the decision, that over the next few months (or the rest of the year...) That on my blog, I'll give yarn alternates for the patterns that use fleece!

*For these alternates, you will need the original pattern to make each animal.*

Because the Baby Sheep, Christmas in July CAL is this month, I'll start with this pattern!


Baby Sheep "No Fleece" ears: 8mm hook & super bulky "B" yarn

1) mr, sc 6 (6)

2) (inc, sc) x 3 (9)

3) (inc, sc 2) x 3 (12)

4) (sc 2, dec) x 9 (9)

5) (sc, dec) x 3 (6)

Pinch row 5 together and single crochet the pairs of stitches together.

Single crochet 3

Cut 6-8" yarn tail and tie off. Attach to the head, per the instructions in the pattern.


"No-Fleece" Nose

So for this, we're just going to steal images and instructions from the alpaca :D . Use the same yarn that you used on the eyes for the nose.


"No-Fleece" Arms: 8mm hook & super bulky yarn

*Use the rows below to replace the fleece, then refer to row 1 of the pattern

i) mr, sc 6 (6)

ii) inc 6 (12)


"No-Fleece" Legs: 8mm hook & super bulky yarn

*Use the rows below to replace the fleece, then refer to row 1 of the pattern for the legs

i) mr, hdc 10 (10)

ii) (inc, sc) x 5 (15)

That should be all that you need to make a "No-Fleece" baby sheep!


*Not using fleece allows you to use any yarn weight you want! The only thing to keep in mind if you decide to use worsted or DK weight yarn to make your baby sheep, you'll need to use saftey eyes, and place them BEFORE you finish off the head!*


I hope this helps you, and that you're able to participate in the Christmas in July CAL!

❤ Valerie

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Hollybeth White
Hollybeth White
Jul 04, 2019

Quick question if you do change to worsted or dk weight yarn would you change hook sizes and if so what size do you change to?

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