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2021 Motto: Finish it!

Like many (or all) creatives, I suffer from "shiny new project" syndrome.... really badly.

I do finish quite a few of my amigurumi, but the sheer number of crochet projects I don't finish, is kind of ridiculous.

But this year, I finally feel like I have the energy to finish the crochet projects that are on my WIP (work in progress) list.

I'm not sure what changed.

Maybe it's just that the list is long enough that starting a new amigurumi, that will just end up on this list, is more painful than the thought of actually finishing a crochet project that I've already started.

The mantra I've been using for when I want to start a new project is simply "finish it" and I don't mean 'finish this one if you're going to start it' I mean 'finish your WIP list first!'

What are your goals this year?

Do you have any tips you'd like to share on HOW you manage to finish projects instead of giving up when you lose inspiration? I'd LOVE to hear it!

Crochet On!


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Rana Razook
Rana Razook
Jul 30, 2021

No tips, but yes, please! Tiger!!! I would love to make one for my school, since its our mascot! Thank you thank you! You’re the best! 🤍 Lamees

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