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My Business and how a piggy started it all!

Today I sent the Penelope Pig & Lovey pattern off to testers, and it left me thinking, "How many people know that a pig is what got me started on this whole journey?"

crochet amigurumi pig
Penelope Pig Pattern

It all started with a move.

Two Idaho kids moving to Missouri.

I had never been farther East than Wyoming.

And I was pregnant with my first child and leaving the state I called home.


Honestly though, I was doing fine till we actually got to Springfield, Missouri and walked into the house we were renting. It was awful. I've learned since that it can be a lot worse, but I was freaked out by the filth and the bugs, and to top it off my pregnancy nose was picking up on some terrible smells.

This was Friday. Thankfully when we got to church the first Sunday we were met by wonderful people who were excited to have us there and were so warm and welcoming. We even had an invite for dinner!

The Delafuentes were a couple about our same age, with a one year old son. As we ate lasagna we talked about our interests, school majors, and hobbies. With a little prodding from her husband, the wife brought out a few items that she had crocheted, and among them were these little amigurumi pigs!

amigurumi crochet pig and crochet pig lovey
Penelope Pig and Penelope Pig Lovey

I'd seen pictures of amigurumi on pinterest, but they never seemed attainable. The all looked so perfect I never thought I could make that as well, so I never tried. But these! They were just a pink ball with little feet, a tail, a nose, and ears. They were simple, but ADORABLE!

And in that moment amigurumi went from "unattainable" to " totally doable." Isn't it funny how something as simple as holding another persons handmade work will change your life?

That's one of my goals.

Make amigurumi that people want to make, and make detailed patterns so people feel like they can make them. Holding a little pink ball of a pig changed what would become my favorite hobby, and consequently is changing the course of my life! And, I hope it continues to change it for the better!

amigurumi pig crochet lovey
Penelope Pig Lovey

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