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It begins| Free Unicorn "Hobby Horse" CAL

Updated: Dec 8, 2018

Hello and welcome to all the lovely crocheters! This crochet-along has been my life for the last few months, and I couldn't be more happy to start sharing it with you! I'm not one for writing a we will just get to the first video!!!

I have LOVED designing these unicorns (and could probably make a whole herd...but then what would I do with them? I can only ride one at a time) and I hope you are enjoying it as well! I love comments and feedback!

Part 2!

In this segment we add the eyes, horn, ears, blaze, and halter! Enjoy!

Part 3!

I wanted to keep all of these videos together in the same blog post so it would be easier to follow along!

This video we finish the unicorn! I hope you love it!

Lots of love!


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2 Kommentare

Maria Davidson
Maria Davidson
20. Mai 2019

Where is the list of items needed?

Gefällt mir

01. Jan. 2019

Thank you so much this video is awesome. Which lead me to buy some patterns also. Now I am awaiting the bunny and alpaca patterns.. lol ..Thank you again you are very easy to understand which leads to an enjoyable crocheting time .. I left a picture in my profile of the patterns so far by you, that i have made..I did change a few things .I was horrible with So I crochet the circles then joined them the same way. And I like very much

hope to see more patterns soon.Have a happy new year and happy crocheting

Gefällt mir
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