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New Years Goals!

2018 was my rookie year.

The year where I threw the spaghetti at the wall to see what would stick.

Thankfully, wet noodles stick pretty well, so here I am on year two!

I tend to dream big, and then have to scale down, so I'm not immobilized by my dreams.

Also, I'm a full-time working I never know exactly how much time I will have to accomplish the goals I set! So this year, I am setting some "minimum goals." So long as I meet those minimum goals, I will be happy with my progress for the year. The competitive side of me wants to knock those goals out of the park by going above and beyond! (We'll see if she wins :) )

So, my official 2019 goals for crocheting are thus:

- Publish 8 new patterns

- At least 1 new CAL/Tutorial

-Vlog weekly

I know that isn't the worlds most inspiring list of things, but for me they are exciting! My competitve side wants to publish 12 patterns, do 2 CALs, and also do one month of vlogging every day!

So, probably at the end of the year I will have accomplished a hybrid of these two goals :) I am excited to see what this year will bring!

Happy New Year!

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