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The Alpaca Pattern is DONE!

It's been my most requested pattern do date.

And I can't blame you.

When the idea first came to me I thought "Ohmigosh...this is going to be ADORABLE!"

I feel a little weird, fan-girl-ing over my own work, like maybe I'm a little self absorbed. Honestly though, I just really love my work.

It hasn't been all that long that I have been an amigurumi pattern designer, but it seems like most of the hobbies and life experiences I have had up to this point were preparing me for this.

When I thought I was going to be a photographer, I learned all about how the camera works, lighting, and set up. The gear, and the knowledge has been super beneficial.

When I thought I was going to write a cartoon inspired by my three young siblings-in-law, I learned my style of drawing, and how to convey what I thought was cute through simple shapes and lines.

Back when I went to school for interior design, I learned how to use Adobe programs, which is now where I edit my vlogs, videos, images, and create all of my patterns. I also refined what I like and came to a better understanding of myself and design.

All the years of working with my hands; making jewelry, sewing, drawing, building, and painting, have gotten me here. And I am really excited to see where this takes me!

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