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Unicorn Hobby Horse CROCHET-ALONG!!!

Updated: Nov 21, 2018

Are you guys hyperventilating a little bit?!

Because I sure Am! (Mine is mostly nerves though) Moving on! The first video for the Crochet-Along will drop on Youtube on Nov. 19th around noon!

In the meantime, gather your materials! I can't link a PDF in a blog post (😒) So here is the image of the materials needed.

These two pages are ESSENTIAL to making your Unicorn Hobby Horse a success! In order to print them to scale, go to the home page and scroll down to the picture of the Unicorn hobby horses, and click the PDF symbol to get the full list.

(I'm really sorry I couldn't get the PDF here in the blog post.)

To help you succeed even further, I would highly suggest reviewing the videos below that will help you make the best selections in materials for your Unicorn 😊.

I am so excited to share this project with you all!!!

This video discusses the use of nylons in amigurumi and how to select the best pair!

Okay...and for some reason the videos on fabric selection aren't click the link to view the youtube videos!

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Deborah Cook
Deborah Cook
27 nov 2018

This project is fun, fun, fun. I finished the basic head (as you described in video 1). And I just watch video 2. Working with the blanket yarn makes beautiful animals. I really like the size. Cannot wait to finish it. I am a somewhat new crocheter. So it gives me a great sense of accomplishment. Thank you, Valerie.

Me gusta

Hi Annette! I can't figure out how to reply directly to hopefully you see this! I don't use safety eyes in this tutorial, we crochet them and then sew them on. Are you asking how big the finished product is? Or how big the printed sheets should be?

The sheet is the size of a piece of paper, so if you print it at 100% scale, that will be correct.

The finished size of the hobby horse (excluding the stick) is about 12" tall (bottom of neck to top of head) and 11" from nose to back of head.

I hope that helps!

Me gusta

And what size safety eyes?

Me gusta

I love this unicorn! How big are the two pieces supposed to be?? Thanks

Me gusta
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